Information about the real property appraisal and appeals processes is provided below, as well as steps to review, compare, and appeal your real property value.

If you question the appraised value of your property, enter your parcel number below, and select "Submit to Review & Compare".

After completing “Step 1: Review” and “Step 2: Compare”, and if you believe the appraised value is not a reasonable estimate of the January 1, 2019 market value, you can file an online appeal by selecting “Step 3: Appeal”, or you can file an appeal using the paper appeal form.

2019 General Reappraisal Information     FAQ

Enter your parcel number here to:
(1) review the characteristics of your property,
(2) compare your appraised value to the sales
prices of similar properties, and
(3) appeal your value online.


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Frequently-asked questions about real
property appraisal and the appeals process.